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Gather at Natconn, Be Healthy Together-the 1st Sport Meeting in 2017


    In the winter of Qingxi Town, instead of feeling cold, it is very warm like the Spring. On 7th Jan. 2017, loving sun, bright light, the air is filled with cheers, ‘come on’, and the excitement. Passion, exciting, and happiness everywhere, everyone felt proud and pleased to participate this special event, to show themselves and present their strength in sport.

    The aims of this sport meeting is to strengthen corporate culture construction, enrich daily life, increase the company cohesion. In the sport meeting, we are divided into 7 teams that included man’s basketball, river race teams and man/woman’s individual badminton, 118 employees participated in, 5 referees. The meeting, not only can challenge the individual skills, but also exercise the spirit of unity and cooperation, it was a competition of intelligence and physical strength, and also competition of unity and cooperation.

    This sport meeting have enhanced the cohesion within departments, increased the enthusiasm of participating in activities, and inter-department communication. This is a platform for employees to show their talent, enhance friendship, temper the will, and provided a stage of ‘sport makes life healthier’. The athletes have run out their style, level with strength and team spirit, and harvested good sport presence and performance.

    This sport meeting is ended with joy, chairman Lai has affirmed the spirit and passion of every one and each team that participated in in the closing speech.