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Pick-up boom electronic components


From the industry point of view, building materials, traditional horn food and beverage, textile and garments, integrated, and light manufacturing five industry-related companies to achieve last year’s net profit growth of more than 1 times. Its annual report in 2010 revealed that during the reporting period, an increase of 23.16%, basic earnings per share of 0.5695 yuan to achieve. Disclosed in its annual report 2011 business plan: to be completed the acquisition of non-public offering of 80% stake in Bank of Mao mining; accelerate the acquisition and integration of the domestic copper, gold, lead, zinc and other mineral resources; Yangba Copper peripheral exploration to progress to complete annual net profit goal of $ 133 million.

Jiangxi Lithium increased reserves to complete all the work, a stable annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of normal operation; Jingtai lithium battery grade lithium carbonate industry to complete development and production; Daqin Gold Drilling completed this year and strive to work. Sale area is 10,509 square meters, pre-sale income 532.61 million yuan.

Real estate investment is expected to direct about 20 million, mainly for existing projects and development investment. Another traditional horn south Fosugufen, usually aluminum and chemical shares and three friends last year, eight companies have increased six times more net profit, performance is quite gratifying.